NPM #10

The indomitable Karma Wilson put together a book of poetry called “Outside the Box” with black line illustrations by Diane Goode that can’t help but remind the reader of Shel Silverstein’s work, white hard cover and all.  Inside are tons of fun and funny poems that play with words, concepts (Pigasus anyone?), and form.  And her rhyme never once falters.  Even more compelling are the full spread illustrations that pop up in the book from time to time throughout (with illustrations not included elsewhere in the book or tied to any one poem).  I found myself intrigued by these as well.

Today’s poem is one of Karma’s form poems that I couldn’t hope to type up.  It spreads across the page sideways so that the reader has to turn the book to read all the words.  There are several in the book like this, but this one is my favorite (perhaps because of my love of the rain).


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