NPM #16

Happy Easter!  I thought about posting an Easter poem, but I couldn’t think of any right off the top of my head that seemed appropriate in children’s literature.  SO instead, I post one about the Dawn.  This poem has a gorgeous companion picture by Catia Chien (greatly lauded for her work on “A Boy and a Jaguar” which I also enjoyed) that perfectly captures the light streaming through a window in the early morning.  This is NOT an easy feat.  I was working on a similar picture and failed miserably, I’m sad to say.  It’s still something I hope to conquer.  Check out her take:


This picture comes from a rather new poetry picture book called “Things to Do” by Elaine Magliaro.  It focuses on poems about objects or things surrounding a child, from a child’s perspective.  I love the text, as well as the pictures in this book, but today I will highlight the art work.  There are several other pieces that just took my breath away, but this next image is perhaps one of my favorites because of the perspective.  It’s such a different perspective for rain and not one I think I’ve ever seen before.  I love it!

rain boots

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