National Poetry Month #1

Although it is April Fool’s Day AND Easter, it is also the start of National Poetry Month.  What an incredible day to have all of those things in it!  And what better day to start sharing some of my favorite new poetry discoveries in picture books this year.

My sweetie gave to me a book of children’s poetry for Valentine’s day that is an incredibly-hard-to-find antique: “Poems of Childhood” by Eugene Field with illustrations by Maxfield Parrish.  It’s nearly impossible to find a copy intact as the pictures are SO coveted, that they are torn out, put in picture frames and sold separately from the book.  BUT my sweetie is amazing at finding those hard-to-find treasures and he found this for me after much searching.  SO I thought it would be appropriate to start off the month with one of its most famous poems.


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month #1

  1. Thank yo so much for sharing a poem from this precious collection! I’ve always loved this one, and the Parrish illustration is delightful! What a treat!

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