NPM #14

I admit that I didn’t read this book until just recently (despite the buzz about both the book and one of the authors AND the fact that I bought it last summer and had it autographed).  I ASSUMED it was another collection of poetry (and was saving it to savor).  Boy was I wrong!

This is not just another collection of poetry of others’ work.  Instead, it’s an homage by Kwame Alexander, Chris Colderley, and Marjory Wentworth to poets that influenced them.  It’s a book of poetry in the style of the original poets that even encompasses some of the same subject matter, BUT these are all original poems.  Imagine my delight on discovering this!

This is a collection to truly treasure.  I have one poem that I will save to share next year on Valentine’s day (it’s just that good!), but for now, here’s one of my other favorites out of the book.


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