NPM #19

Think you wouldn’t be able to find a good Acrostic poetry picture book?  Think again!

silver seeds coverI learned about this book while teaching a Picture Writing unit in my classroom.  We use this book as an example of how to write an Acrostic poem with more than just one word associated with each letter.  The text alone is brilliant.  If you didn’t go in knowing that these poems were Acrostic, you might almost miss that fact!  The phrases and sentences blend so well together, I find it easy to forget and have to remind myself to look for the letters on the edge.

And I also think that the illustrations are glorious.  It’s a bit older (as it came out in 2001) but I love the execution of it so much, I just had to share it here.  I chose some of my favorite examples for their use of light in the illustrations (something I’m fascinated with these days):

Silver Seeds1Silver Seeds2Silver Seeds3

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