NPM #22

Let it be noted though, that yesterday’s nonfiction biographical poetry picture book collection did NOT just focus on the men who made a difference.  There were many amazing women mentioned in the book as well.

IMG_4986I picked today’s highlight, not only because of her historical significance (and the fact that I have NEVER heard of her!), but her beautiful smile as depicted by the illustrator.  I’d love to know where he got the reference material from for these portraits, or if he just made them up from what he could find about the people’s descriptions.  Though I admit I was greatly tempted to share about the female at the top of the cover photo as well (her story is equally amazing).  Again, it’s VERY hard to choose which figures to highlight or focus on.  I don’t envy Margarita Engle’s job in this collection, but what a collection it is (and I’m SO glad she wrote it!).


SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE WRIGHT BROTHERS?!  HOW have I never heard of her before?

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