NPM Day #14

Speaking of brilliant colors, I can’t help but talk about today’s picture book poetry collection next.

Vivid COVER2“Vivid” is a wonderful collection of poems and illustrations by Julie Paschkis. She’s an author/illustrator AND poet! Yes! They DO exist!!  (And hope blooms afresh in my heart!) If you’re familiar with Julie’s brightly colorful art or even her many illustrated picture books, then you’ll want to definitely track this book down.  It explores and plays with both words and illustrations AND nonfiction matter.  It is a wonderful addition to any classroom looking for fun books about color.  For that matter, I think it’s a wonderful addition to any poetry collection.  I learned a couple new things about color that I never knew before.  And when we live in a time where a new color (a beautiful blue!) can still be discovered?  There’s PLENTY to talk about.

Once again I found myself wondering what particular poem to share.  Blue? (My favorite color–which I also learned was one of the most popular favorite colors out there!)  Indigo? (And its lovely facts about water and oceans that I didn’t know before.)  No.  Instead, I’m going to share the poem about pink (and its nonfiction side matter).  I learned something new on this page too and thought the illustrations were exactly the perfect example of whimsy to be found in Julie’s work.  Plus, one of my favorite spring flowers (yeah!) and an almost haiku-like poem.  Lovely!  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Pink poem

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