NPM Day #18

Today I’m going to take a jump in another direction: holiday poetry collections.

Trick or Treat coverI discovered “Trick or Treat” by Debbie Leppanen at Highlights last fall as well.  I met Debbie there and she brought the book with her.  I was curious enough to track down a copy to give it a read.

This is a collection of Halloween poems, which I found a bit humorous (as Highlights editors let us know that they don’t buy Halloween content for the magazine).  This book wasn’t produced by them, but I still found it a bit funny.  Though truth be told, I found most of the book funny.  This isn’t a bunch of spooky poems (though I think at least one of the poems could probably be considered that), but a bunch of funny poems on the subject.  And you know how much I like to laugh. I picked only one poem that made me giggle (and one I also liked the illustration to).  It is both a poem and a joke.  VERY clever!

Bones poem

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