NPM Day #22

Today is Earth Day.  I would be remiss if I didn’t somehow tie it into something somehow related.  How about a picture book poetry collection about things that live in the Earth?

Bug School COVER“Crawly School for Bugs” is a picture book poetry collection written by David L. Harrison and illustrated by Julie Bayless.  It is a collection of funny bug poems with the fictional concept of bugs that go to a school and have adventures there throughout the day (they arrive at the beginning of the book, and leave at the end–so one full school day).  HOW can a book about bugs be funny, I can already hear you asking?

I know, I admit that I don’t find bugs that funny either, but this collection really does a good job finding a way to demystify the various crawly critters within it.  For instance, the poem I picked was one that made me laugh, not just at the content of the poem, but at myself.  You see, we do NOT have ticks in Alaska.  And the very idea of them terrifies me beyond belief.  That complicates a trip to Highlights (which is prime tick territory).  Of course, when I saw my first one, I took care of it and that was that.  SO in the end, NOT a big deal.  But that is partly why I found today’s poem selection funnier than the rest.  You’ll have to check out the rest for yourself.


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