NPM Day #23

Today’s picture book poetry collection is another “new-to-me” book and a collection that boys might possibly enjoy.

Guyku COVER“Guyku” is another haiku collection.  It’s written by Bob Raczka and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.  The concept is simple.  Haiku are simple, take place in the present, and are usually set outdoors.  These are all things that boys should love.  Let’s add some brilliant illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds (with a limited color palette) and voila!  A picture book is born.

I’m all in.  I loved this collection of boy friendly poems.  I’m not sure I buy that boys would be interested in haiku simply because the topic is something that might interest them, but it can’t hurt to try.  Regardless, I think this is a book that both sexes would ultimately find appealing.  A simple poem and picture on each page, separating the book into four sections (one for each season) and you’ve got a delightful book of poetry about exploring the natural world.  Who can beat that?

I found two poems that I really liked and laughed that they both reminded me of Alaska (and were both on the same page).  I decided therefore to share both poems (both from the summer section with the limited yellow palette).  Enjoy.

mosquito poemstar poem

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