NPM Day #24 and Giveaway WINNER!

Since I talked about some “short” poems yesterday (i.e., haiku), let’s talk about some little poems today!

Little Poems COVERI love these collaborations between Lin Oliver and Tomie dePaola for very young readers.  “Little Poems for Tiny Ears” is in fact a board book of poetry and it focuses on ears, and toes and other such subject matter that might fascinate toddlers.  YEAH for introducing poetry as young as possible!  It’s not all body parts though.  There are a few surprises in the book like the one I will share today.  I was most drawn to it because it instantly reminded me of being a kid and what I felt about my own dad’s beard.

Daddy Beard poem

Finally, let’s announce the winner of the giveaway for “Mine. Yours.” by Marsha Diane Arnold:

Congratulations Amy Benoit!  Check your messages!

Stay tuned for more dear readers.  =)

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