NPM 2020 Day 4: Outside Your Window

Today’s picture book is another ginormous collection of poetry.

1-Outside Window COVER“Outside Your Window: a First Book of Nature” is a collection of poems by Nicola Davies whose books have crossed the pond and managed to make a bit of a splash in the American market as well.  If you’re unfamiliar with her work, she’s a British zoologist who was also one of the original presenters of the BBC children’s wildlife program “The Really Wild Show.”  She has written quite a few books about animals and nature.  This is a perfect example of the topics she is passionate about.  It’s a collection of poems divided into four sections (each one about a season).

This reminded me a bit of “Sing a Song of Seasons” (which I reviewed last year).  It is a thick square book, but not as thick as that previous one.  I found a few poems I loved, but narrowed it down to this one snippet at the beginning of the third section that I loved most of all.  And I had to take a couple of close up photos of the illustration work as well to share just how glorious it is (paper collage, colored pencil, stamping, painting, etc.).  It’s beautiful!  Look at that detail!




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