NPM 2021 Day 15: Brown

Today’s picture book is a love poem written to one color in many shades: brown.

1-B COVER“Brown: the Many Shades of Love” is another picture book poem.  This is also told from the point of view of a young African American boy. He looks at all the people he cares about in his life and tries to describe the different shades he sees and the word choices are gorgeous.

I loved this book so much because this is what children this age do.  I hear this conversation in my classroom almost every year.  But this is the best take on this that I’ve ever seen.

It’s sweet, colorful, and lush in its accomplishments.  Writer Nancy Johnson James and Illustrator Constance Moore are equally paired for this book.

I share just one of my favorite spreads (and yes, again, it was SO hard to choose just one!).


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