NPM 2021 Day 18: Finding Treasure

Today’s poetry picture book uses a story as a frame for a collection of poems about collecting.

1-FT COVER“Finding Treasure: a Collection of Collections” is a very clever poetry picture book written by Michelle Schaub.  You may recall that she was also the author of “Dream Big, Little Scientists” which I reviewed a few days ago.  Here she tells the story of young girl with a show-and-tell assignment at school requiring her to bring in something she collects.  The problem is that she isn’t a collector so she goes to every friend and family member to find out what they collect.

Every page has a different poem and a different collection.  The illustrations by Carmen Saldana are adorable and highlight each poem’s collection beautifully.  Her mix of collage and a painterly style is gorgeous.

I chose a poem about a button box.  My mom had a button jar when I was growing up and I loved to look at the variety of colors and patterns.  Now I have a button tin of my own (started for a school illustration and joyfully added to over the years).



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