NPM 2021 Day 19: A First Book of the Sea

Speaking of things I treasure, I just have to share this poetry picture book collection about the ocean.

1-FBoS COVEROnce again, author Nicola Davies has created a GIANT collection of poems on a nature topic.  This one originally came out in 2018, but I couldn’t resist tracking it down since I’m now a bit more familiar with her work.  It is a collection of poems about one of my favorite subjects after all!

The illustrations by Emily Sutton in this collection are both gorgeous and playful.  At times, they are childlike in rendering and at others painterly.  It’s a perfect fit for every page and every poem.

When I say this is a HUGE collection, I’m not kidding.  This book is bigger than your average picture book and much heavier too.  I’ve taken some comparison photos so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

You can see the size is bigger side by side here:


And the thickness is much wider as well here:


This is no little collection by any means.  And since it was one of my favorite topics, I had a hard time choosing just one poem to share.  Lately, I’ve also been desperately longing for the ocean, locked inside and away from any shoreline thanks to winter and the pandemic.  SO I’m going to share two of my absolute favorites from this collection because they really speak to me these days.  Oh how I long for the sea!



I love the added detail of the seals’ heads bobbing in the water.



This one reminds me of my honeymoon and watching my hubby quietly combing the beach for treasures, while I sat and enjoyed the sound of every break of the waves.

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