NPM 2022 Day 7: Catch the Sky

Today’s poetry picture book is all about something so intangible we can’t really grasp it: the sky.

1-Sky COVERCATCH THE SKY: PLAYFUL POEMS ON THE AIR WE SHARE is a collection of poems all about the sky.  Almost every aspect you can think of in relation to the sky is covered: the air we breathe, things that fly through it (birds, vehicles, kites, etc.), northern lights, stars, etc.  I was impressed every time I turned a page and thought, “oh yeah, there’s that too.”

The illustrations are equally delightful.  There are diverse groups of children all throughout the book that help to bring the topic home for young readers.  The use of colors, as you can see from the cover alone, are also stunningly varied.  This should really come as no surprise as Emily Dove is also a certified naturalist.

I couldn’t decide which poem to share until I realized I just really liked the idea (both the words and the image) on this page:

Catch Sky2

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