Welcome to my website! I am an author-illustrator, a poet, a movie enthusiast, a tea drinker, an elementary school teacher (1st grade), and a lifelong Alaskan.

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I’m a third generation Alaskan.  I grew up on the small island of Sitka in the Southeast of Alaska (otherwise known as the “pan handle” of the state).  It is a beautiful small town nestled between the ocean and the base of a mountain and it allowed me to have plenty of time to dream, write, and draw as it rained a LOT and kept me indoors.

I moved away from home to pursue college and a career in Anchorage (Alaska’s “big city”).  I have always written (especially poetry), and I’ve also always been a natural teacher.  At first I was a high school English teacher, but now I’m an Elementary school teacher who stands out from the crowd (and not just because I’m 6’2″ and one of the tallest people in the school building!).  I love kids and I adore picture books: the perfect combo for a 1st grade teacher.

As a writer, I have written and/or published in multiple genres: plays, newspaper and magazine articles, and poetry.  I am currently working on several children’s picture books and I’m a current member of SCBWI and 12×12.

As an illustrator, I have had my own cartoon series (Henry and the Gang).  I’ve helped illustrate websites and pamphlets.  I’m working on kidlit illustration.

I’m a current member of SCBWI and 12X12, intent on pursuing my dream of being a picture book writer and illustrator.  I’m also the SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator for the region of Alaska.

SCBWI member12-x-12storystorm21participantREFO 2020


  • Picture book manuscript “Kauai’s Call” published by Island Heritage Press [possibly summer 2023]
  • Poem “Sleeping Beauty” published by “Alaska Women Speak” [Summer 2020 issue]
  • Article “Illustration Contests Can be a Good Thing” published in SCBWI Bulletin [Fall 2019]
  • Poem “Lost” published by “Alaska Women Speak” [Winter 2016 issue]
  • Magazine article “Writing for Joy” published by “Alaskan Women Speak” [Winter 2014 issue]
  • Magazine article “Unique Materials & Techniques” published by Spokane CDA Woman (about fashion designer Kirsten Longly) [September-October 2012]
  • Poem “I, Daedulus” published by “Understory” (the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate literary Magazine) [Spring 2010]
  • Poem “Why the Leaves Turn” published by “Understory” (the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate literary magazine) [Spring 2008]
  • Movie Reviews and other articles published weekly in “The Northern Light” (the University of Alaska Anchorage campus newspaper) [January 2007-May 2010]
  • Poems “Noah’s Wife” and “Intimacy” published by “Inklings” (the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate literary magazine now called “Understory”) [Spring 1997]
  • Poems “The Rain of You” and “The Wandering Minstrel” published by “Inklings” (the University of Alaska Anchorage undergraduate literary magazine now called “Understory”) [Spring 1996]
  • Poem “Morning Glory” published in “Distinguished Poets of America ” by The National Library of Poetry.[1993]
  • Poem “Thief” published in “Windows on the World” by The National Library of Poetry. [1990]
  • Poem “Loveliness” published in “Treasured Poems of America” by the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum [1990]
  • Picture book “The Day the Earth Shook” was awarded the Most Promising Manuscript Award by the Alaskan Writers Guild and the Alaskan Chapter of SCBWI [September 2015]
  • Play “Mirror,Mirror” won Runner-Up (i.e., Second Place) in the Northwest Drama Competition (a competition that includes 8 Northwestern states in the U.S. and includes entrants from many colleges in those states) and a monetary prize. [Fall 1996]
  • Poem “Morning Glory” was chosen by the National Library of Poetry for a special audio collection, “The Sound of Poetry,” where poems from select poets were read by a professional reader (only 10 out of 10,000 contestants were chosen for this project). [1993]
  • Poem “Thief” went all the way to the finals and won Editor’s Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry (only 250 out of 10,000 contestants received this award). [1990]