NPM #21

Today’s poetry collection is another nonfiction collection, but it definitely stands out from the crowd.  With an award winning author AND an award winning illustrator, about an equally important topic, this book is a stunning piece of art.

NPM #18

I appreciated today’s poem for many reasons: it taught me something new, it proved me right about something I knew all along, and it resonated with me because I’m tall.

NPM #17

I was delighted to find this treasure at Powell’s last summer.  It is a recent collection of poetry illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators (I’ve seriously gobbled up as many books as I can find illustrated by her and I’m endlessly fascinated with her artistic choices).

NPM #15

Some books of poetry are geared to the very young, as today’s selection is (aimed at Preschool), but they don’t need to “talk down” to their reader at all.