Simply 7 with Nancy Churnin–A QUEEN TO THE RESCUE

There are things I will never understand.  Why does hatred exist in our world?  Why does anti-semitism rear its ugly head over and over throughout centuries?  Why are we doomed to constantly repeat the past?  My mind boggles at these things, even when I know the history of them.  Certain recent local events have made me think about all of this again.  So when I read a picture book like the one I highlight today, a story I’ve never heard before and I know I should have heard it before, I feel both stunned and blessed to learn of someone so incredible. Continue reading

Simply 7 with Jamie Swenson AND Emilie Boon–WE WANT SNOW

Fall is my favorite season and we’re just starting to get into it.  I’m not a huge fan of snow as an adult (which is funny because winter is the longest season in Alaska), but that’s because of shoveling driveways, cleaning off cars, and other adult concerns.  When I was younger, I loved snow.  Today’s picture book appeals to the kid in me who loved winter. Continue reading