Disappointment and the everlasting bloom of HOPE

Yesterday I participated in my first ever #PBPitch on Twitter (a pitch day just for picture books).  I pitched a manuscript I’m very excited about (I think it has a ton of potential) to agents and editors reading these posts in great hope of its success.  To say I was anxious all day is an understatement.  To say I was disappointed when I didn’t get even a single nibble is yet another understatement.  I had to drop my plans for the day and get out of the house because I was driving myself crazy.  I met up with a friend and talked for a bit (which helped a lot).  Then I went to Barnes and Noble to read picture books.  Continue reading

Perfect Picture Book Friday #3–It’s Only Stanley

I’ve been thinking all week about what picture book to recommend (and what activity to include), and I have to go with one that was kind of a sleeper hit with me.  I didn’t love it on the first read.  BUT the more I thought on it and mulled on it, the more it reached up and grabbed me.  It’s a subtle form of humor with a sly twist at the end.  And I really don’t know how to discuss it without giving some spoiler or other (but I will really try as I HATE spoilers!).

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My blog home

Welcome!  This is the home of my writing, illustrations, and Simply 7 interviews. If you’re interested in a Simply 7 interview for your picture book, feel free to contact me, though I reserve the right to not do an interview.  (I get quite busy sometimes!)

If you’re interested in an illustration commission, feel free to contact me as well.

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Picture Book Recommendations

Once again work has started back up and everything else falls by the wayside.  I find it incredibly difficult as a teacher to be able to maintain balance between my work life (which is all consuming at the beginning of the year: setting up the classroom, preparing new curriculum & policies, preparing for new students, etc.) and my writing life.  Unfortunately, writing has taken a bit of a rest as I’ve gotten stuck climbing the mountain that is the beginning of the school year.  Continue reading