Simply 7 with Lindsay Metcalf–“Beatrix Potter, Scientist”

Apparently this is the time for confessions in my blog.  I admit that I was NOT a huge Beatrix Potter fan until I read Susan Branch’s book “A Fine Romance” a few years ago about her amazing trip to England (which was right up this Anglophile’s alley).  The section she wrote about visiting Beatrix Potter’s house had me in tears of recognition and awe.  And I immediately jumped on the Beatrix Potter band wagon.  How could I, also a writer and illustrator, NOT be a fan of one of the first women in literature who successfully did both of these things?  WELL, today’s Simply 7 only grew that love of Beatrix Potter ten fold. Continue reading

Simply 7 with Marsha Diane Arnold–“Lights Out”

I have to admit something.  I learned something new doing today’s interview.  Until I read this picture book, I’d never heard about light pollution.  Or rather, I knew about it, but I didn’t understand the effects it had on the world at large (other than not being able to see the stars at night when in the city).  But then, I do try to learn something new every day. Continue reading