Valentines Poetry 2021

I can hardly believe it, but Valentine’s day 2021 is upon us.  I’ve been seeking high and low for poems to share this year and … I thought I was out of luck.  BUT then I found a file where I’d been saving them throughout the year as I ran across them and I got to discover them all over again!  I have 5 poems to share this year and from quite a variety of writers.  I also worked quite hard on the one of my own that I will share this year.  I hope you enjoy them all. Continue reading

Valentine’s Poetry #2

It’s time for another annual tradition that goes back so many years I’ve lost track.  I have records from at least 2005 forward, but I KNOW it was much farther back than that.  At any rate, this is the day where I share some of my favorite gems of love poems that I’ve been culling all year long.  Last year was the first year I shared them on this blog (if you’d like to know why), but I’ve been sharing via email and social media much longer than that.  Read on if you’d like. Continue reading