Blog Anniversary Give Away!

Yippee!  This blog (at this address) is officially 1 year old.  Granted, my old website was around a few years prior to that, but I converted it to WordPress and started using my blog here in October of last year.  SO … yeah!  It’s time to celebrate!

AND since we’re going to celebrate, I figure it’s time to give away some prizes: some ALASKAN treats as well as some fun things for the writers and illustrators.  Take a look!

Blog Prizes

I’ve got two books full of gorgeous photos of Alaska (specifically from the Chugach National Forest), Alaskan Brewing Company Smoked Porter and Sea Salt gourmet popcorn, Alaskan Blueberry tea for two (because it matches my blog’s name), a giant pencil for the writers (because in Alaska we don’t do anything small) and a blank sketchbook for the illustrators (with my cute little baby penguin on it), though I suppose it could also be a blank journal for writers, depending on who wins it.  If you want to win some of the goodies, enter the rafflecopter here.  =)

14 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Give Away!

  1. Alaska is my favorite state. I visited with my parents three times and spent entire summers camping, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. My favorite part was fishing along the Kenai River. Eagles soaring above, mountains standing gloriously before me…❤️. Congrats on your blog and thanks for the chance.

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