Privacy Policy Update (per the new GDPR regs)

Hello!  If you follow my blog, I’m hoping this update will send you an email.  You see, I find the technical aspects of this blogging process a bit baffling.

That being said, it’s come to my attention recently that this GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU affects bloggers too.  Again, I find all of that baffling too!  Yet I want to make sure I’m compliant and transparent.  That’s why I created a new Privacy Policy page on my website with some pertinent information if you want to know more.  BUT most importantly, I want to make sure that you, my dear readers, want to continue hearing from me.

I use my blog to share Simply 7 interviews with amazing picture book authors and illustrators, writing and illustrating tips, and my personal musings in the journey towards publication.  I don’t send personal emails (unless you’ve joined a contest and have won a giveaway), but I do try to respond to any comments you leave here on my blog.

If this is still of interest to you, just click the “follow” button on my website and update your information.

If, however, you decide you’d like to not get these emails any more, that’s okay.  Just click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.  No hard feelings.  It’s totally okay.  I want to make sure everyone is here willingly. =)

2 thoughts on “Privacy Policy Update (per the new GDPR regs)

  1. Jena, I can’t remember whether I clicked the “Follow” button a few days ago. I’ve read too many Privacy Policies this month. Please let me know if I haven’t and I’ll click it and update my information.

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