Holiday Giveaway #2 & winner

Today is the winter solstice which means it’s the darkest day of the year up here in Alaska.  It’s been dark enough this year, so let’s spread a little light and welcome you to a bunch of giveaways at my blog this week.

This is technically the 2nd giveaway I have planned for this month.  Last week’s giveaway of Summer 2020 Issue of “Alaska Women Speak” goes to:

Jen Funk Weber!

Congrats Jen!  Check your email for more info!

Photo credit Tim Mossholder

And now a new giveaway!  WHY another one?  I want to cheer you guys up.  I know it’s been a rough year for ALL of us.  SO today starts another giveaway.  Sadly, this is only for those in the US (but don’t worry, there will be other giveaways for others).

This is a picture book giveaway package from a local author.  I’ve introduced Brooke Hartman on my blog before. I didn’t get the chance to interview her about her debut picture book though (a fact I’ve always regretted, but sometimes I simply cannot do all the picture books on my blog that I want to do).

“Dream Flights on Arctic Nights” is a gorgeous picture book that actually got picked up by Costco! The gorgeous artwork is done by a talented local artist, Even Zerbetz.  She has a beautiful mural at the library in Juneau.  The combination of both of these ladies skills is a delightful bedtime story that takes the reader on a fantasy flight through Alaskan landscapes.  This isn’t a book you want to miss!

Brooke is offering a package of all of the following to one lucky winner:

– Signed copy of Dream Flights (will personalize for the winner)
– Coloring pages
– Build Your Own Wing Craft
– Bookmarks
– Black Bear plush
All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter here.  Good luck!  And may 2021 be so full of beautiful dreams coming true that it makes your hearts take flight.

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  1. I’ve always loved Evon Zerbetz’s work. Now I’m eager to learn about Brooke’s! It’s terrific that two Alaskans were able to work together on Dream Flights on Arctic Nights.

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