Holiday Giveaway #4

Today I have another Alaskan picture book to give away.


Photo credit Tim Mossholder

Why all the giveaways?  Because we need something good in the world.  Because this was a rough year and some people, some kiddos, are without presents this year (though yes, I know these things will be a bit after Christmas by the time they’re mailed).  Because … just because.

Today’s giveaway is for US residents only again.  It’s for a book, Pedro’s Pan, that was previously featured on my blog.  I can’t believe it’s been over a year ago already!  BUT there’s more Alaskan stuff too!  There’s an Alaskan sourdough starter, bookmark and pin, and yes, gold nugget candy!  (See pic below.)

Gold pan2

It helps that my hubby was the writer of this particular book, but it’s been amazing to discover how fans of the book are spread far and wide.  It’s creative nonfiction too, told from the gold pan’s point of view, with real history behind it about the Alaskan gold rush (though you wouldn’t know it was about the Alaskan gold rush specifically if you didn’t read the back matter).

AND if you’re a teacher and interested in having Matthew read the story to your class for FREE on World Read Aloud day (February 3, 2021), you can find him (and many other authors and illustrators) offering that very thing via Kate Messner’s list here.  Matthew is #170 on the list!

If you’re interested in winning the book and other Alaskan goodies, enter the rafflecopter here.  Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway #4

  1. I remember reading an interview about PEDRO’S PAN on Karlin Gray’s website and asking our library system to purchase a copy. A great book! I did not make the husband/wife connection though, until today!

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