The one with ALL the winners!

It’s New Years’ Eve and I have a TON of prizes to giveaway.  YAY!


Image by Fachy Marin

I hope you’ve all had good holidays so far as we near the end of 2020.  If you didn’t win one of today’s prizes, don’t be too downhearted.  There will be more giveaways in the future.

I promise.

Congratulations to all of the winners in today’s post and if you see your name, please check your email for details!

Let’s get started.

Our first winner has won the Dream Flights package seen here:

download (1)

Congratulations Dina Hodara!

Our second winner has won the Alaskan Tea and Mug package seen here:


Congratulations John Smith!

Our third winner has won the Pedro’s Pan package seen here:

Gold pan2

Congratulations Joyce Schriebman!

And our final winner of the day has won a copy of “Alaska Native Games” seen here:

Alaska Native Games

Congratulations Lindsay Metcalf!

Thank you all for participating in my blog giveaways.  Stay tuned for more.  =)

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