2022 Holiday Giveaway

2022 is almost over and I want to have at least one more giveaway.

This has been a good year overall for me.  I had goals and I met most of them.  I have some really great news I’m dying to tell you (but I’m afraid to jinx it just yet).  Just know that good things are in the works and I will tell you about them when I can.  I’ve had some really positive feedback on some of my stories and that too has given me hope and joy.  SO I want to share some of the happiness.

This fall I made postcards for an in-person event, but I didn’t hand out as many as I had hoped I would. SO, I have extra postcards.  Since it’s 6 days until Christmas, I’m going to give one of these to the first SIX people that leave a comment here.


I will contact you for a mailing address if you’re one of the lucky six.  I hope some of my art work is a suitable prize (I won’t ruin the surprise on the back of the card–it makes me giggle endlessly and I really need to do more with it).  Good luck!

12 thoughts on “2022 Holiday Giveaway

  1. I am so excited it’s been a good year for you! I wish you even more in the coming new year. What adorable cards you’ve created! I sure enjoy your blog and I look forward to hearing the great news.

  2. So happy for your accomplishments and a great 2022 year!! I’ve had some lovely things happen to. Looking forward to 2023 and to see what’s next for you, Jena!

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