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I’m a third generation Alaskan.  I grew up on the small island of Sitka in the Southeast of Alaska (otherwise known as the “pan handle” of the state).  It is a beautiful small town nestled between the ocean and the base of a mountain and it allowed me to have plenty of time to dream, write, and draw as it rained a LOT and kept me indoors.

I moved away from home to pursue college and a career in Anchorage (Alaska’s “big city”).  I have always written (especially poetry), and I’ve also always been a natural teacher.  At first I was a high school English teacher, but five degrees later I’m now an Elementary school teacher (1st grade).

I’m still writing and drawing.  I’m a current member of SCBWI and 12X12, intent on pursuing my dream of being a picture book writer and illustrator.  I’m also the SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator for the region of Alaska.

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