Holidoodle 2018 meager Assignment & prize

It’s that time of year again!  I’m not quite ready yet to admit defeat on trying to do the Holidoodle thing with others of the illustration persuasion.  It seems like a daily challenge is a bit difficult during the holidays, as is a multiple series with a character challenge (like last year).  So this year I’ve been thinking about trying something different yet again. Continue reading

Holidoodle 6: Silent Night

Well, the holidays are almost over.  I won’t say they’re officially done until today is over (New Year’s Day), as all the stores in my small home town are still closed.  I REALLY wanted to get these pictures completed to a final finished product BEFORE Christmas so the story had more resonance.  Alas, I cannot predict when my dad will pass.  And as I had to pack in a hurry, I wasn’t able to bring all my art supplies with me.  Finishing up one picture here and there in bits and pieces is one thing.  This last picture is another thing all together when all I have is my favorite blue pencil and regular printer paper.  SO I did a very rough sketch for this last piece of what I had envisioned.  It IS drawing and arting after all, no matter what the finished state. Continue reading

Holidoodle on hold

I’m sad to say that I’m going to have to put a hold on the last two Holidoodle pictures being posted.  I sketched out the Santa one, but haven’t had time to finish it.  Things went into emergency mode this week and I had to get things at school closed up before I dashed out of town.  My dad is in the process of dying from cancer.  He’s down to his last few days.  Not sure how many days that will be in the end, but … I had to be here.  And it’s nothing but chaos as we try to get things wrapped up for end of life (and setting up my mom for the next stage of her life).  If I have some time, I will finish it soon.  If not, it might be January before I get to post them.  I’m sorry but family has to come first right now as we deal with this crisis.  Have a happy holiday season my dear readers.