It’s the Holidoodle scramble!

Ladies and Gents, some of us are done with this year’s Holidoodle challenge and some of us are NOT.I’m sadly in the NOT category.  I’m more than halfway there with my project, but … it’s not done yet.  And I’m scrambling to get it done.

And as I’ve talked with a few of you, I’ve found some of you aren’t quite ready to share your’s yet either.  SO this is a “coupon” blog entry.  Do NOT stress.  This is supposed to be fun.  An earthquake, the odd work circumstances that followed, and super hyper kids (who wiped out my energy and creativity capacity) interfered with me meeting my deadline (despite working on it all along).  I’m scrambling to get it done but it might be tomorrow that I post.


Post when you can.

And as an incentive, here is a funny Writer’s 12th Day of Christmas (that I did NOT create):

Writers 12

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