Fear, Dragons, and Resources

I was doing perfectly fine until this morning.  And by fine, I mean I was so busy scrambling to cancel/rearrange/work/survive, that I didn’t have time to be afraid.  And that’s not to say I wasn’t worried, because BOY have I been worried about so many other people (my mom, my TA, my friends, etc.).  But I woke up this morning and suddenly, there it was: fear.  It was just sitting on my chest and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Continue reading

New Decade, Same Journey

I hate resolutions.  I stopped making them as a teenager when I realized I was making the same ones every year and not actually accomplishing them (usually about my weight which I’ve NEVER been happy with).  At some point, I started using New Year’s as an assessment tool instead.  And over the last few years, I started creating a graphic image that set my goal for the year.  Today, I have a new one. Continue reading