Valentiny Contest

I’m diving into all the things this year and that includes all the writing opportunities I can find.  One such opportunity is the Valentiny contest found on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog: 

At only 209 words, here is my entry I’m calling “VALENTINE’S GRUMP.”


I cannot wait to give Ricky a Valentine. I went shopping with dad last night and picked them out for the boys and girls in my class. I’ve got these really cool 3D ones!

“Rylan, don’t pass those out now. Save them for the Valentine’s day party,” Mrs. Mueller says.

I can’t pass them out? Not until Friday afternoon? That’s three whole days away! Grrr!

What’s so wrong with giving them out now? They’re super cool! Why do I have to wait?


I cannot wait another day! I’ve already written everyone’s name on their Valentines. I think I’ll sneak them to a few of my friends while we wait in line for school to start.

“Rylan, why don’t I hold onto those for you,” Mrs. Mueller says. “That way you’ll still have something to give out tomorrow.”

She took them! I can’t believe it. Now I can’t give any of them away! How did she even see me? Grr!


Today’s the day, but Mrs. Mueller hasn’t given them back! Everyone else has already started to pass out their Valentines. Grr!!

“Rylan, here are your Valentines,” Mrs. Mueller says.

Finally! I can hand out the coolest Valentines in class.

“Ricky, come see what I’ve got for you!”

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