50 Word Story

I’m knee deep in Reading for Research Month but I’m still trying to produce my manuscripts for 12X12 (and myself).  That being said, there’s yet another contest going on and this one is quite the challenge.  Can you write a complete story in only 50 words? 


As I struggle to tighten up my picture book manuscripts and keep them short (a problem a poet really shouldn’t have, right?), I thought this one might be a good one to give a try.  AND I put on my teacher thinking cap and thought along the lines of a phonics reader.  See what you think (below).

“The Fox Wants Socks!”

The fox wants socks.

His feet are like ice blocks.

Does the ox have socks?

No, just a box.

Does the hawk have socks?

No, just rocks.

Does the croc have socks?

No, just docks.

Poor fox.

But wait! What’s by the clock?

It’s socks!

Let’s dance to the jukebox!

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