Big Magic and Rejection

Rejection takes many forms, and it stings in whatever form it takes.  An agent can reject you and it stings.  A lack of response to a set of interview questions for a magazine article (although the initial response was warm) can also sting.  Maybe my questions weren’t good enough?  Did they somehow seem unprofessional?  I have no way of knowing, but now the other side of rejection has kicked in: the self doubt. 

And it really has nothing to do with me.  This is what I need to remind myself of.  I just finished reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and it does nothing but preach that failure is just another thing.  Rejection is a form of failure.  I need to follow her advice: accept it, brush it off, move on.  SO I’m just going to accept the latest rejection and move on.

I will continue to create and I will continue to be me.  Perhaps that magazine article never gets written.  So what.  There are other things I’m writing and working on and will continue to write.  On that note, maybe “Simply 7” doesn’t become a thing either.  Maybe I only have a few people respond or one or none.  It will be what it will be.  I was hoping to help others, but perhaps that’s not what I was meant to do either.  It is the eternal search for blog purpose and I suppose it keeps on rolling.  SO, I will continue to work at it as well as my writing.  Keep your chins up my friends.  It’s just another day for this lobster at the ball (an illustration point from “Big Magic”) and I’m going to keep dancing.  Because I must.

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