ReFoReMo and National Poetry Month day #1

I finished ReFoReMo and catching up with all the picture books I was able to find for the challenge.  ReFoWinner'sBadge2017I found some new favorites that I can’t quite seem to return to the library just yet.  I suspect I will need to track some of them down for my class collection.  And if it wasn’t for ReFoReMo, I wouldn’t be able to share a poetry snippet from today’s book (oh how I do LOVE finding new books that I absolutely adore).  So spare me a moment to share my little sticker.

The gals over at that blog did a bang up job this year.  It’s my second year as a participant and definitely worth the time and effort.  Of course, the teacher and writer in me has to say that reading is NEVER a waste of time and effort.  😉

So let’s talk about April.  Let’s talk about National Poetry Month (one of my all time favorite months) and how I desperately hope to pass on this passion to the next generation.  Poetry just doesn’t get enough love.  So I’m going to share one poem every day this month in my effort to share the love.

I have heard of Joyce Sidman’s work, and even read one or two of her picture books over the years, but … I don’t think I’ve read enough.  I suspect that soon I will be spending some time binging on her books to soak in the beauty of her words.

But not just words!  As she chooses to publish her poetry in picture books, the artists that are paired up with her are equally as important.  Which is why I share a snippet of her poetry book “Red Sings from Treetops: a year in colors” and share a picture as well.  I’m a little jealous that I didn’t think of this concept myself (seasons in colors! genius!), but I’m not sure I could’ve done it as beautifully as she did it here.  Since we just had a snow dump this week AND today is a slushy day AND I’m longing for Spring, I share the opening section of “Spring”:


Red sings

from treetops:


each note dropping

like a cherry

into my ear.

Red turns

the maples feathery,

sprouts in rhubarb spears

Red squirms on the road

after rain.”


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  1. This is my favorite of Joyce’s books! When I was a Cybils Judge, this is the book we chose as the winner that year. Thanks for sharing — looking forward to all your NPM posts, Jena!

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