Valentine’s Poetry #2

It’s time for another annual tradition that goes back so many years I’ve lost track.  I have records from at least 2005 forward, but I KNOW it was much farther back than that.  At any rate, this is the day where I share some of my favorite gems of love poems that I’ve been culling […]

NPM #29

I love seeing the variety of poets that crop up in these poetry picture book collections (and even more, I love recognizing those names).  Today’s collection had a LOT of names I recognized (but what more do you expect from a collection selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins?).

NPM #28

After reading Joyce Sidman’s “Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold” last year (and yes, falling madly in love with it), I was delighted to find out that there was another collaboration with her and the same illustrator, Rick Allen.

NPM #26

I fell so madly in love with Joyce Sidman’s work last year that I had to track down some of her other books.  I think this collection was among my favorite finds of her older books.  So far.  I’m working my way through her oeuvre ever so slowly, savoring every luscious word as they roll […]