NPM day #7

And now for some really fun poems that my students absolutely loved last year.  I would read a poem to them to start the day every day in April (with morning announcements) and they would get to pick from a collection of books I had sitting, ready to read to them.  THIS was the book they chose most often last year.

Gail Carson Levine has written a collection of False Apology poems called “Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It.”  What is a False Apology poem?  WELL, William Carlos Williams started it all.  See his classic “This is Just to Say” poem apologizing to his wife for eating the plums below, as it is presented in this book:

wcw false apology

That stinker wasn’t sorry at all.  That is the same concept presented here in the book.  “I’m sorry, not sorry” basically.  Levine, who has long been a favorite author of mine for her fairy tale adaptations (“Ella Enchanted” anyone?), brings in a slew of fairy tale characters to harpoon among others.  This is an incredibly fun and silly collection of poems that kids just love to chortle over.  AND each poem Levine has written is paired with an absolutely hysterical black and white drawing by the brilliant Matthew Cordell.

So today, I share two poems with you.  Here is another poem and picture from the book (since just sharing William Carlos Williams’ poem as the setup, wouldn’t be quite enough to show you just how funny these poems can be):


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