Blogiversary Winners!

It’s time for me to give away a few things.  Remember at the beginning of October when I said I’d be giving away some Alaskan prizes to a few lucky winners.  Remember these things in the photo?

Blog Prizes

I didn’t forget!  October is now over so it’s time to give away some fun things.  I suppose I could’ve picked just one winner and given them all the things, but that’s not how I wanted to do this.  I picked SIX winners to spread the prizes around (or rather the Rafflecopter picked 6 random winners for me).  SO without further ado, here are today’s lucky winners!

Lynette Oxley you have won the Tea for Two!

Eileen Boyce you have won the gourmet popcorn!

Kelly Woods you have won the Alaskan sized pencil!

MaryAnn Cortez you have won one of the Chugach books!

Amber Stewart you have won the other Chugach book!

Juanita Dickens May you have won the blank Penguin journal!

Winners, be looking for an email from me for mailing info.  Thank you for participating, celebrating, and following me dear readers.  And rest assured that this won’t be the last giveaway done here at the blog. 😉

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