NPM #26

I fell so madly in love with Joyce Sidman’s work last year that I had to track down some of her other books.  I think this collection was among my favorite finds of her older books.  So far.  I’m working my way through her oeuvre ever so slowly, savoring every luscious word as they roll over my tongue (as I’m one of those who insists that poetry should be read aloud to be thoroughly enjoyed).

This collection struck me as an odd choice for a picture book collection, but I’ve come to learn that nothing is off limits really in this genre.  You just have to write beautifully about subjects that kids can relate to.  In this collection there are poems that cry for forgiveness from a friend, poems that are thankful for the smell of a dog and the curves of a cat, etc.  These are all things kids could understand.

This is a book I need to add to my collection so I can read it over and over (and truly absorb the art work as well).  It is one to relish.  I have once again chosen one of my favorites out of the collection (though it is not my only favorite).



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