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I’m so glad that so many of you liked my daily poetry postings last month.  I do enjoy reading and researching all those poetry picture books to cull the “best” ones to share (but then again I love poetry to begin with!).  BUT I know everyone isn’t as much of a fan of poetry.

SO, as a reward for sticking with me (even it if was just deleting some of the posts because you didn’t have time to read them), I’ve been debating on a couple of things I could give away.  Today I’m giving away some of my original art.

I had to make prints for a local retreat next weekend and there were some extras.  They don’t have my digital signature, so I will sign them to you in whatever capacity you’d like (just an autograph, with an inscription, etc.) IF you are the winner.  There are 3 prints and I thought I’d better give them away now before I go to the retreat, get feedback and am TOO shy to share my work with the world (because I’m inevitably suffering from imposter syndrome yet again after receiving feedback).

prints giveaway


Three lucky winners, drawn at random, will receive one of the prints in the pic.  All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter here and the winners will be announced next week (after I return from the retreat).  Good luck!  =)

11 thoughts on “Print giveaway

  1. Jena, I love your artwork! Your mom gave me your coffee mug with the flamingoes. I love it and use it lots. I even got one for my sister because she’s a flamingo fan like me. Thanks for sharing your love of poetry too! Blessings!

  2. thanks for spreading the poetry love, and these are beautiful! I have otters popping up in several of my current stories, and love yours!

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