NPM #30

I like to end the month on a perfect goodbye poem.  I think I found one this year that says it all.

Found poems are exactly what they sound like.  They are poems found in the oddest of places (street signs, dictionaries, etc.) and are perhaps one of the easiest form poems to write.  The skill comes in the transformation of words that were already there.  How do you take a newspaper article or an advertisement and transform it into poetry?  Sometimes it’s in the title, sometimes it’s in the line breaks.

This collection is quite clever and again there are a variety of poets involved.  But I wasn’t quite impressed with all of the poems to be found between the covers of the book.  I think I may have even wrinkled my nose at a few of the poems.  I present two of my favorites here, ending with the “end” poem by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.



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  1. Thank you for your fun, beautiful, intriguing, touching, and educational poem posts to honor Poetry month, Jena! I so enjoyed the daily inspiration!

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