Summer Time Giveaway!

Sorry to have disappeared after April, but May was a challenge this year!  I had first grade AND Kindergarten with which to wrap up school.  It was exhausting.  I was beginning to be afraid that my age was starting to show (that’s just how dead tired I was at the end of every single day in May!), BUT I was relieved to find out that my 20-something coworkers were just as dead tired as I was.

This is a real “end of school year” teacher occurrence.  It’s the MOST draining time of the year.  Not beginning of the school year (though yes that’s tiring too), or even one of the major holidays (especially ones that involve sugar).  No, the end of the school year is IT for teachers.  My house falls into disrepair and dust.  I sleep a LOT and am still dead tired.  And in Alaska, I’m also getting hammered by allergies at the end of the school year as the trees start to bloom.

Usually I’m kind to myself and give myself ONE week after school is out to sleep.  That’s it.  Sleep as much as I want (and read and chill).  However, I didn’t do that this year.  Instead, I gave myself a day to pack after school was out, before I went traveling for two weeks!  EEP!  What was I thinking??  Then it was back to the same end-of-school-year messy house that had to be tackled.  sigh

BUT I digress.  I have saved a wonderful giveaway for this summer.  Last year, one of my creative teaching coworkers made a wonderful pair of shoes.  Well, rather, she painted them.  She saw something on Pinterest I believe and decided to paint a pair of shoes for the first day of school to look like #2 pencils.  Aren’t they cute?


ALAS!  The acrylic paint she used shrunk the shoes!  She couldn’t wear them at all.  They started out women’s size 11, but shrunk 1-2 sizes smaller.  They could be a size 10 or a size 9.  It’s an unknown.  She decided to give them away and no one wanted them but me.  Not because I could wear them (they’re way too small for me), but because I know JUST HOW MANY OF YOU go to writing conferences during the summer.  And the amount of “book wear” I’ve seen like this at conferences is ridiculous (& adorable!).

SO, if you’re interested in the shoes (mystery size but probably women’s size 9 or 10), leave a comment below!  I’ll give every comment a number and have my husband draw one out of a hat to pick a winner! <3


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  1. If these fit my mother, she would love wearing them and being very cool and “hip”!

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