NPM 2021 Day 2: I Talk Like a River

Yesterday we talked about courage and I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to talk about this book today.

1-I Talk Like a River COVER“I Talk Like a River” can be read as a story OR a poem.  It’s written by Canadian poet Jordan Scott based on an event that really happened to him.  This is a book about the struggle to speak without stuttering, but it’s so much more.  This is a touching story told with beautiful writing.  That alone is worth reading this book.  BUT the illustrations by Sydney Smith take it to a whole other level.

Each page tells another emotional segment of the story and it is illustrated in almost a completely different style.  There are SO many spreads in this book that made me stop and just study them.  There are modern takes on emotions, abstract paintings that convey the beauty of nature, and gorgeous pieces like the one on the cover.  This is a book you need to read and see to get the full experience.

I shared it with my school pathologist and she too loved it.  This is a story unlike anything else out there.  It was hard to pick just one page to showcase both the art and the writing, without spoiling the whole book, but I picked this one spread right here to give you just a taste:


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