NPM 2022 Day 2: The Lost Spells

2022 has already proven to be a rough year.  We’ve lost a lot the last few years and I think it’s time for a little magic.

1-lost spells COVERBack in 2018, I reviewed the book “The Lost Words” by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris on my blog.  Today I get to talk about the sequel!  I find it amusing how tiny this tome is (especially in comparison to its giant predecessor).  It is smaller than the size of a regular picture book.


This book operates on a similar premise (that we are losing creatures, places, and the words we call them by every single day) but incorporates a bit of magic in remembering them.  I think the book says it a bit better though (please ignore all of the fingers in the photos):


If you know anything about me, you might already know that I’m obsessed with foxes.  So when I turned the page and this stunning painting was the first thing to greet me, I knew I was going to love this book:


The illustrations are gorgeous, and the animals chosen are plentiful.  The words are just as haunting as these eyes.  And since I already shared the opening painting (which took my breath away), I have to share the first poem about a fox.  But forgive me, it’s long.







And if you’re looking for more poetry fun this month, be sure to check out the Kidlitosphere Event Roundup!

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  1. I’ve seen Jackie Morris’ work on twitter a little bit. Truly beautiful art by a sweet spirit. Nice to read the words by MacFarlane here. I’m considering buying this book now! Thanks for sharing it. Great feature, Jena!

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