NPM 2022 Day 11: Once Upon Another Time

Let’s spend a little more time in the fantastical world of imagination.

1-OUATime COVERONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME is a poem that encompasses the entire picture book.  These are much harder to describe and share, but every bit as wonderful as picture book poetry collections. The poem invites and beckons readers to imagine what the world was like before humans made their mark.  Explore, feel, and appreciate the world around you.

This book is written by two of my favorite poets producing poetry picture books these days: Charles Ghigna (aka Father Goose) and Matt Forrest Esenwine.  I’d dearly love to know who wrote what parts because each page sings with a beautiful line or two from the poem that is then gorgeously illustrated by Columbian illustrator Andres F. Landazabal.  Each page is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

The opening lines (which I have to share so you understand the invitation) go like this:

Once upon another time,

the world was young and new.

If you want to know this world,

there’s something you can do…

Here’s just one page from the book.  It’s one of my favorites and I cannot resist sharing it (though there are many more I’d love to share too).


And if you’re looking for more poetry fun this month, be sure to check out the Kidlitosphere Event Roundup!

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