Ha! Day 3 falls on a Sunday.  That’s the perfect day to talk about a collection of religious poems.  Though … hmm … I don’t think it’s the Jewish sabbath.  Oh well.

0-AD coverAWE-SOME DAYS is a collection of poems about Jewish holidays written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Dana Wulfekotte.  Is there anything Marilyn can’t manage to turn into poetry?  I loved this book as I’ve always been curious about Jewish customs and holidays.  I felt illuminated after reading this book.  I had no idea there were so many holidays or so many different ways of celebrating those holidays even within the faith.  I found it fascinating.

Even better, Marilyn follows one child from one family throughout a year (starting at the beginning of the Jewish year and going to the end of the Jewish year).  This makes it much more personable and accessible to the young reader.  Brilliant!  There is a sidebar for each holiday with additional information as well, for those who want to learn more.  And let’s not forget the wonderful illustrations by Dana Wulfekotte.  They perfectly illustrate the way this family celebrates throughout the year.

I chose a holiday that is described as a Jewish Valentine’s Day, because of course I did.  You know that’s my favorite holiday, right?




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