NPM 2023 Day 26: SPI-KU

I had a very hard time reading this book, but for the love of Leslie Bulion’s science poetry I persevered.0-Spi-Ku COVERSPI-KU: A CLUTTER OF SHORT VERSE ON EIGHT LEGS is a collection of poems written by Lesion Bulion about spiders.  I don’t like spiders.  BUT I love Leslie Bulion’s poetry picture books so I had to push myself to get through this one.  It took me a couple of years (it originally came out in 2021), but I did it!

There are a variety of poetry forms used here, as well as more types of spiders than I ever wanted to know existed.  I keep thinking if I educate myself about them, they will be less creepy.  But that apparently doesn’t work.  I still flee the room and ask my husband take any errant eight-legged visitors in the house back outside.

Despite that, I had to share at least one poem.  This really is a brilliant collection (and I know that everyone isn’t as bothered by spiders as I am).  The illustrations by Robert Meganck are handled very well too.  They are accurate and yet somehow friendly.  The perfect mix!


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