Simply 7 with Matt Myers–“Hum and Swish”

It’s been rather slow here on my blog since April.  Again, I apologize for that, but I’ve had a few obstacles (trips, house cleaning, plans gone awry, etc.) that are taking more time than usual.  BUT no worries.  Especially because today I get to bring you an interview with an Illustrator’s debut author-illustrator picture book.  […]

Summer Time Giveaway!

Sorry to have disappeared after April, but May was a challenge this year!  I had first grade AND Kindergarten with which to wrap up school.  It was exhausting.  I was beginning to be afraid that my age was starting to show (that’s just how dead tired I was at the end of every single day […]

NPM Day #30

This is the last day of April and alas, the last day that I will be sharing picture book poetry.  But never fear!  I will return with more next year.  Today’s final poem selection is meant to send our hearts and poetic minds flying off into the year ahead.

NPM Day #29

I love books.  This should come as no surprise from someone who was an English major (and very briefly a High School English teacher as well).  When I found today’s picture book poetry collection all about books?  I fell madly in love with it.