Holidoodle: Take #2

I cannot believe that November is already almost over or that December is right around the corner!  And SO is Holidoodle.

I tried to start a daily illustrating thing last Christmas, only to find out that there are other holiday illustration incentives out there on social media (though I researched before hand and didn’t find anything).  That’s okay.  I only had a handful of people participate with me and that too was okay.  I really enjoyed illustrating with the few that were able to participate.

BUT the craziness of the holidays made it difficult for everyone to participate, for one reason or another, every day.  SO, this year I decided to change things up.  I thought about it long and hard and I think I have a solution.  If this too doesn’t work, then next year I may have a different plan.

Know that this is just for fun (I tried to come up with rules last year, but … rules), you don’t have to be a professional illustrator (seriously, my hubby participated with stick figures), and this year, there’s no pressure.  Or prize.  The prize thing fell flat last year too.  SO, if you want to participate just for fun and perhaps a few giggles, please feel free to join me!  I really hope you will.

SO here’s the deal: there aren’t daily prompts.  There are only 2 prompts per week this year for a total of 6 prompts only.  And there’s a theme with the prompts.  Think of this like a series.  The goal isn’t just doodling, but spending time on quality or detail (yes stick figures still count).  You can have a character running throughout, you can have your own theme (like an example I will share shortly), or some other element that ties your set of illustrations together.  There are only 6 prompts, so think of them like a little Christmas boxed set of some sort.  Okay, here are the prompts:

holidoodle prompts 2017

Now, let me explain what I’m thinking.  Yes, they’re titles of songs, but you don’t have to focus on the words.  You could play on the words, certainly, but think wider than that.  You can have fun with misheard lyrics.  You could use a line from the song (I’m sure someone will probably think of a recent loss for “Partridge in a Pear tree” for #1).  You can take ANY aspect of the song to illustrate (not just the title).  It’s really up to you.

After I decided this and tried to come up with a list of widely ranging Holiday favorite songs (except “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” because … I just can’t), I went to a craft fair in my small Alaskan island home town. There was all sorts of stuff with a sea theme and Alaskan animals.  I loved seeing the paintings and photos and earrings others had made and were selling.  BUT then I saw these little gems and I was giggling hysterically.

They’re Alaskan animal song lyrics.  Talk about a series!  AND things that perfectly tie in to what I was already thinking!  “Hark the Heron Angels Sing”?  OR “Hark the Herring Angels Sing”?  “We 3 Kings” (Kingfisher, King Salmon, King Crab–GENIUS!)?  “Oh, Fishmas Tree” may be a bit of a push, but still!  SO fun, right?

What character or theme are you going to use for your series?  Start thinking about it now.  And if you’re like me and need to see things physically laid out, I include my calendar notes that made this make sense to me a bit better.

HD calendar

We will share our first picture on the 4th (here, on Twitter, or Instagram–or all of the above), and we will share our last picture on the 22nd.  I think that’s pretty do-able even with holiday insanity, don’t you?  I hope so!  I look forward to doing this with you guys again.  =D

4 thoughts on “Holidoodle: Take #2

  1. Hmm. I want to do this, but it won’t be easy. I will be traveling and camping the entire time. I will often not have Internet access. I am NOT an illustrator, but I admire illustrators, and I’d love to play one here or on TV or anywhere. I have a couple of writing pens, lined paper, and a computer with a battery life of 42 minutes.

    Exceedingly difficult circumstances, guaranteed awful technical results, a creative challenge, and playing with Jena . . . the temptation is too much!

    Seriously. I’m going to see what I can do. The rest of you can step–or somersault–over the bar I set.

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